Friday, August 19, 2016

America is not for the Timid

Who built America?  It was not timid people who braved the ocean in questionable ships to settle a wild new land.  It was not the timid who left the safety of civilization and settled the vast American West against all odds.  I think the only peaceful answer to these riots that defy the unsuccessfully militarized police forces is private citizens.  Lots of good people, willing to take a risk and step out of the timid lifestyle and take our neighborhoods back.  Those few Ferguson businesses that are being protected by armed proprietors should have bodies stacked out front like cord wood if the mainstream media was right that more guns mean more crime.  Instead, none of the looters have been shot by these businessmen who chose action over timidity.  Neither are those businesses being looted or vandalized.

Stop being so timid, America.  This doesn't mean grab a gun and shoot somebody.  Sometimes it just means getting your neighbors together and telling the bad guys to go home.

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